Debra Italia è vicina alla popolazione Ucraina

Sostegno ai Bambini Farfalla Ucraini in fuga dalla guerra


Carissimi Amici,

Debra Italia è vicina alla popolazione Ucraina e ha dato supporto fin dai primi giorni ai bambini e ragazzi farfalla con le loro famiglie che sono arrivati in Italia o hanno espresso interesse per venire nel nostro paese.

Per agevolare altre famiglie Ucraine e consentire a tutti gli interessati di fornire aiuto, forniamo qui di seguito le principali informazioni che ci sono state richieste e abbiamo fornito e alleghiamo alcuni documenti ufficiali tradotti in inglese, in Ucraino e in Russo.

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1) Does your country provide medical insurance for EB patients (which covers dressings, bandages, etc. + EB specialized medical assistance)?

Italian health insurance covers the entire population (all residents) and specific law protect Rare Patients, guaranteeing an additional level of support. Thanks to the activity of Debra Italia and Fondazione REB, from a few years Italy provides comprehensive basic medical care to all EB patients, with dressings, bandages, medicines, that are delivered at home of each EB patient + EB specialized medical help and, in most of Italian regions, also nurses support at home.


2) Is medical insurance provided only to those EB patients who obtained refugee status in a particular country? Should this be one country – i.e. for refugee status and insurance? Or can a patient obtain a refugee status in one country and move to another country to live? Are there any differences depending on child vs adult EB patient?

An EB patient must have a valid residence document in Italy in order to obtain health insurance. This applies to children and adults.

People who have fled Ukraine can enter Italy without a visa. The Council of the European Union has decided that all people who have fled from Ukraine will be granted temporary protection.

The European regulation provides for the following key points:

  • Refugees are to be granted a residence title in all EU member states.
  • This residence title should allow access to the labour market, housing, medical care and education for children.
  • This residence title should initially be issued for one year. An extension is to be possible.

Italian authorities have issued official documentation to guide Ukrainian citizens one arrived in Italy, here attached, in English, Ukrainian and Russian.


3) Can you please provide the details of relevant medical insurance coverage (i.e. dressings + med. assistance) available in your country?

All dressing materials, care products are available in Italy, as long as a doctor authorized by the Italian EB official centers has prescribed with specific documentation all devices, medicines and products required, including quantity and size.

Debra Italy and Fondazione REB are the only officially recognized EB patients organizations in Italy, who founded and support the three official multidisciplinary EB Centres in Italy (Milan, Rome, Bari) and three mono disciplinary centers (Catania, Hand Surgery, Torino, Dentistry, Rome IDI, dermatology) and they have always supported and will continue to guarantee comprehensive medical care and consultation for all EB patients. The contact details of all Italian EB centers can be found at

Additional Information can be asked at


4) What is the financial allowance for Ukrainian refugees in your country? Can you give us some links to websites where we can find this info?

Ukrainian refugees are supported with different benefits that include housing or accommodation, medical assistance, etc. The support may vary depending on the City they arrive. The information related to all different Italian region can be found in the contact included in the attached documents and in the site

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